Some Mela people

A few of the lovely people I met at the Walsall Mela

Waseelah live at Walsall Mela

DSCF3696We are very excited to announce that local girl Waseelah will be performing at the Mela at 11.25am

Waseelah, 18, was raised in Walsall and performed at the Walsall Town Festival, and more recently at the We are Walsall Unity and Diversity event at The Crossing.


She says

My music is faith based using ideas that I’ve learned through studying my religion and life experience.

I’m a classically trained musician and have been song writing for six years now and also produce my own music. An album of my own making will be available soon.

Have a listen to a short sample of a recent song “Jewellery Box”






Walsall Mela Bench Press Challenge

Mela13We are pleased to announce an additional workshop activity for over 16s.

Have your name, weight, and weight lifted recorded.

With the collated information we will publish the results after the event on our website and social media pages.
The Bench Press Challenge will run from 12pm onwards and is being provided by Foundry Gym,and run by Mustafa on the day.

Bench Press @ Walsall Mela 2012

Walsall Mela Bandstand Tasters

Kick off at 11am with DJ Nissar Butt

Followed by

Mad Dominic  clowning around @ 11.40am


Photo from Express & Star

 Waseelah @ 11.25


Shakabala @ 12.00 noon

Good Traditions @ 12.25pm

 Sa Re Arts @ 1.40pm

Sukhi Shergill @ 2.25pm

Shiri Krishna Mandir @ 3.10pm


 Manni Kaur @ 3.30pm

Saif Ali Khan @ 4.10pm

 Mohammed Yousef @ 4.55pm

Getting Ready For The Walsall Mela

The Walsall Mela at Palfrey Park on Sunday 30th August 11.00-7.00pm

Caldmore Village Festival Group have pulled out all the stops again to bring an exciting family filled fun-day followed by an Asian Arts and Sports Festival for the whole Community.

Following a gap of two years due to funding Walsall Mela, now into its fifth year takes place in Palfrey Park and aims to benefit the whole community.


Thanks to the Awards For All, Near Neighbours and Walsall Council’s Community Safety Partnership the Mela is back on.

The Mela is organised by Caldmore Village Festival group and the last time the Mela took place in 2012 it attracted 9,000 people.

It is a celebration of all that is best in Asian arts, sports and culture and particularly aims to involve families and young people through offering a range of events and activities for all ages. The Mela will showcase traditional Asian Field sports such as Kabbadi and Stone Lifting along side a range of more universal field sports for young people to take part in such as volleyball, archery, athletics, football and cricket.

At the same time as offering a range of opportunities for participation in sports activities the Mela aims to work in partnership with local community organisations to offer a range of family activities such as arts workshops, kite making, face painting, community consultations as well as a range of stalls, exhibitions and rides. In parallel to the sports events The Mela will have a music and performance stage giving the opportunity to local and national music acts as well as providing a focus for the best in Asian dance.

This year we aim to particularly focus on the involvement of young people through developing a series of workshops in the lead up to the event in sports and cultural activities. The co-ordinator will aim to engage a range of groups, organisations and communities in preparation for the Mela, working with young people in order to hear their ideas and to organise a range of taster activities and workshops in preparation for the Mela. The Mela will provide a showcase for young people’s achievements both in arts and sports and aim to value their contribution to the local community.

Mela Coordinator Akhlaq Hussain who is very passionate about the Mela said

I am extremely excited and really looking forward to the event, I would like to invite all of you to join us, bring your families and enjoy the festivities on the day.

Councillor Mohammed Arif, vice-chair of CVFG said

It has taken lots of effort by CVFG to bring about this event and partnership working with key local organisations like Walsall Council, whg, Caldmore Accord Housing, Tarmac and South Staff Water is key to on-going success of the group. Despite the difficulties in gaining funding CVFG goes strength to strength and I am pleased that we are able to bring the Walsall community together once again to celebrate family fun day and traditional Asian sports extragavanza. We invite everyone to come along and the entrance is free to everyone.

Parking is limited and we encourage everyone to walk to the park.

The Walsall Mela Schedule

Here is the latest schedule for The Walsall Mela

11.00am – 11.15am DJ Nissar Butt
11.15am – 11.25am Opening Welcome
11.25am – 11.40am Waseelah
11.40am – 12.00 noon Mad Dominique (Clown)
12.00pm – 12.25pm Shakabala
12.25pm – 13.10pm  Good Traditions
13.10pm – 13.40pm CVF/Mayor/Partners
 13.40pm – 14.25pm  Sa Re Arts (Qawaali/Bollywood)(Babar)
14.25pm – 15.10pm  Sukhi Shergill
 15.10pm – 15.30pm  Shiri Krishna Mandir (dance group)
 15.30pm – 16.10pm  Mani Kaur Brit Asia 2014 Winner
 16.10pm – 16.55pm  Saif Ali Khan (Qawaali/Attaulah/Bollywood)
 16.55pm – 17.40pm  Mohammed Yousef (Rafi Songs)


Sports Centre Park
11.15am  Under 16s CVF Cup Football Tournament
12.00 noon Volley Ball Competition
12.00 noon Under 19s Football Tournament
12.00 noon Under 19s Cricket Tournament
12-00pm – 15.00pm Stone Lifting Workshop
Sports On Field
 12-00pm  -16.00pm  Archery Workshop (Victory Archers)
16.00pm  Stone Lifting
 17.30pm Kabbadi


Community Marquee
 Section 1 Middle Section
11.00am – 17.30pm  CVF Consultation
 Section 2 Left Hand Side
 11.00am – 17.30pm  BMYG arts & craft workshops/face painting.
 13.30pm – 14.00pm  Magic Show
 14.00pm – 17.30pm  Kite making workshop (Afghan Community)
Section 3 Right Hand Side
11.00am – 17.30pm  Arts & Crafts workshop sun catchers/pendants etc
15.00am – 15.30pm  Magic Show


Site Plan

Walsall Mela Palfrey Park sitemap

Sitemap – click to enlarge

Download sitemap here PDF 530KB