The Walsall Mela Under 19s

cricket-poster-a4small1The Walsall Mela

Under 19s 7-a-side cricket tournament
Under 19’s 6-aside football tournament

Palfrey Park
Sunday 30 August 2015
Team Registration 12.00 PM

The tournaments are free to enter
All teams must declare their application forms by 28/08/15

6 a side football/cricket tournament at palfrey park

Rules and regulations

  1.  All teams must declare their application forms by 23/08/15
  2. Registration is free per team.Cricket Rules will be explained on the day or contact Rizwan below.
  3. All teams must have a designated captain or team leader and must ensure that the team is within the age limit set under 19 year olds.
  4. During the tournament referees/match official decision will be final.
  5. Players using abusive or foul language will be penalized according to the rules set by the     organizers.
  6. General 5 a side football rules will be used for football, Cricket rules will be explained on the day.
  7. All teams must register their attendance on the tournament day by 12.00pm. Failure to register on time may incur deduction of points from group stages.
  8. Trainers/shin pads and appropriate clothing must be worn during the tournament to comply with Health and Safety.
  9. Two additional substitutes will be allowed and substitution will be on roll on basis for the football. No restrictions on number of times players are substituted.
  10. Matches will be 5 minutes long. Semis & final will be 10 minutes.

All teams must adhere to any other rules imposed by match officials as seen appropriate on the day.

To enter or for more information contact

Rizwan Ahmed
Telephone: 07771 791136
Email: rizwanahmed8@aim .com

Akhlaq Hussain  
Telephone: 01922 642442

Or download an application form: PDF 153KB