Cultures of Walsall Festival – 25th September 2016


Caldmore Village Festival Group presents…

Cultures of Walsall

Cultures of Walsall is a spectacular festival promoted by Caldmore Village Festival Group to celebrate Walsall’s diverse heritage.

The festival incorporates a fusion of music, dance, food and cultural activities from many of the Borough’s communities. It is a family-friendly event that includes a children’s funfair as well arts and craft activities throughout the day. Sports tournaments in cricket and football will take place to ensure there is something to suit all tastes and interests.

There is a special competition for all of the family based on discovering the different cultures of Walsall with a prize draw at 3.45pm.

Entry to the site and stage area as well as to the community tents and activities is absolutely free.

The festival this year incorporates the Caldmore Carnival Procession. If you would like to join the Carnival’s colourful parade as it makes it way through Caldmore and Palfrey on the way to the Festival site please come and join the carnival crew in Caldmore Community Garden in Carless street in Caldmore, WS1 3RH at 2.30pm. Joining in is free and everyone is welcome but children should be accompanied by adults. Come as you are, in your national dress, in carnival costume or even dressed up as you favorite character.

The Carnival procession will arrive in the park at 3.30.

It’s going to be a great day. We look forward to seeing you there!

Walsall Mela 30th August 2015

Slide2Three years after it last took place, the Walsall Mela is back!

The last time it took place was in 2012 where over 8000 people attended on the day.

This year it will be taking place on the 30th August 2015 at Palfrey Park Walsall.

Due to the dedication and hard work of the Caldmore Village Festival Group, the people of Walsall will have their traditional Mela back this year.

Co-ordinator Akhlaq Hussain who is very passionate about the Mela said

I am extremely excited and really looking forward to the event, I would like to invite all of you to join us, bring your families and enjoy the festivities on the day.

I would especially like to thank Walsall Council and the Community Cohesion Team for their support and for working in partnership with us, enabling us to help deliver the event.

The Mela, which means coming together (festival),  will have a range of activities across the park which will include:

  • live music in the bandstand
  • children’s entertainment and workshops
  • a partners and community marquee
  • sports tasters and tournaments for young people to take part in

Topping up the event will be traditional Asian Sports including Volley Ball, Stone Lifting and Kabbadi.

Children will also have a fantastic time with arts and craft workshops, face painting, fairground rides and inflatables.

The event will be a really multicultural splash for all to attend, enjoy and take part in celebrating the diversity we have in our community.

For more information contact:

Akhlaq Hussain                                                             Cllr Mohammed Arif
Event Coordinator                                                           Vice Chair CVFG
Tel: 01922 642442                                                           Tel: 07775 813885
Email:                      Email:                                                                                                    

It’s only a small, local festival, but….

…it’s got a world-wide audience.

I know over 20 000 people came along last year, and that’s no small number, but compared to say, Glastonbury or something like that, it’s quite small, isn’t it?

yaaaay, Caaldmore and Palfrey

yaaaay, Caaldmore and Palfrey

Well, yes it is, Glasto had 118 480 on site in 2013, since you ask.
But don’t underestimate the reach of our ‘little’ festival.

You can’t see from where you’re sitting, but people from all over the world check out this here blog.

Over 66 000 people have looked at something written or posted on here so far, and the number is growing.
The busiest day to date, incidentally,  was May 28, 2013 when over 5 000 people dropped in.

And that’s not counting that rowdy lot over on Facebook – there’s about another 10 000 of them nosing around.

If you add the 20 000 who physically came along, that’s a total audience for the Festival of getting on for 96 000 people.

Yes, we know some of them are duplicated and such, but even if you knock off 10% to allow for that, it still gives Caldmore & Palfrey Festival a global audience of about 86 400.
Not so small now, eh, Glastonbury?
(And not all on site, so the toilets are much nicer; ask anyone)

On top of that, if we were to tell you that people from 21 countries had looked at something here, would you be as amazed as we are?

It’s true, countries as far apart as Brazil, Switzerland, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Japan, Romania and Ireland have all looked at something we’ve said or done or shown  pictures of.

(For geography geeks, the other countries are UK – obviously, USA, United Arab Emirates, Germany, France, Canada, Italy, Poland, Belgium, Colombia, Czech Republic, Israel and Saudi Arabia)

So, my friends, you can be very proud of our Festival because the eyes of the world are on us, between 80 000 and 96 000 pairs of eyes, if you want to put a number on it.
(Also, you’d better be on your best behaviour because people are looking, OK?)


Volunteers needed at a 3 day festival spectacular in Palfrey Park, Walsall

c&P logo

Caldmore and Palfrey Festival, 24th – 26th May 2014

The Walsall Mela, 24th August

Palfrey Park, Walsall


It’s that time of the year again & planning for this year’s brilliant Caldmore and Palfrey Festival & The Walsall Mela is in full swing. The amazing Caldmore and Palfrey Festival & the fantastic Walsall Mela are in their fifth year & getting bigger every year. Do you want to be part of the festival/mela organising team, would you like to meet some of the stars, or are you a local band or artist who wants to get a chance to showcase your talent at the festival?

We need volunteers to work in shifts for over the 3 day period of the festival, we will provide refreshments and a brilliant friendly atmosphere, we need helpful volunteers to monitor the site and make sure all who attend have the best time!

Jobs include stewards for the Park, Kids Entertainment, Information , Noise Patrol, Gates, 5-a-side football & Car Park also litter pickers

Last year we had over 100 volunteers who had a great time enjoying the festivities at our festival & mela, many bands and choirs, children, athletes and also local dancers took part, we had over 20,000 visitors. It was a multicultural splash!

This year the fantastic Walsall Mela will take place at Palfrey Park again with the amazing turnout in 2012 we need volunteers to help with most of the above duties listed. Kabbadi, Stonelifting and volleyball as well as young people’s sports tasters will be some of the sports seen. The Walsall Mela will be held on the 24th of August this year.


If you want to help and volunteer for either event please get in touch with our volunteer co-ordinator Steve Breeze on 07970856148 or e-mail:


If you are local band and would like a chance to play at this year’s festival contact:

Glen Buglass on 07908 472862 or email:


Co-ordinator Akhlaq Hussain

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