Caldmore’s best shop front and gardens competition

The judges for Caldmore’s best shop front and gardens competition took to the streets on May 30th and were delighted to see that local traders and residents were increasing their efforts to show Caldmore at its best.

Chair of the Traders Association, Ali Mahmood commented on the impact which local shops were making “This is the 2nd year we’ve run the Top of the Shops competition and in the last 12 months new businesses have moved into the area and helped raised the standard.  I’m delighted that they have invested in premises which were previously an eyesore and which as a result of their efforts are now setting the benchmark for others to aim for”.

Not forgetting traders who have been in Caldmore for many years Ali added “Last year’s winner of Top of the Shops, Walsall DIY is looking even better than ever and a special mention must be made of butcher Andrew Morrison who celebrates 50 years of trading in Caldmore and never failing to keep a well presented frontage throughout that time”.

Joining Ali in the task of judging were Denise Perry, Area Manager for Walsall South, and Margot Lambert of Caldmoreaccord.  Denise was particularly struck by the impact which the winning Des Res front gardens in 2011 were having as there had clearly been work going on in neighbouring gardens.  She said “This is what we hoped for.  With more and more people over time taking an interest in how Caldmore looks and ‘doing their bit’ we will improve the image of Caldmore and show what great community spirit there is in the area”.

Margot added “It’s really exciting to see what is happening as a result of the festival and all the spin off ideas which it is generating.  Improving the way Caldmore looks is vital to the local economy and the sense of wellbeing for all who live and work here.”

Amongst those warranting special mention were the ‘guerrilla gardeners’ who have planted flowers in the grassed area at the top of Arundel Street, several gardens in Newhall Street and Albadars grocery.

Winners will be announced at the Village Festival on Monday 4th June.


Caldmore Village – welcome to the cultural heart of Walsall

From left: Steve McGregor, Estates Manager with whg, Klair Jassal, Team Leader at whg, Steve Chapman, Service Manager for Tarmac, Ali Mahmood, Chairman of Caldmore Traders Association, Councillor Mohammed Arif and Margot Lambert, Director for Communities and Arts with Caldmore Housing Association.

Walsall Council’s support to reinvigorate Caldmore has given birth to a new era in the community.

Following years of campaigning and investment, local businessman Ali Mahmood has done what he set out to do – “put the Village back into Caldmore.”

Aided in his efforts by ward councillor Mohammed Arif, members of the Caldmore Traders Association, Walsall Housing Group and Caldmore Housing Association, the entrepreneur said he is delighted to have breathed new life into Caldmore’s identity.

“The idea started some years ago when Walsall Council proposed a one-way system through Caldmore Village,” said Mr Mahmood.

“In response I set up Caldmore Trader’s Association as a means to represent the views of local traders and residents, as most of our traders are also residents. During my research I came across some information about Caldmore once-upon-a-time being one of the Walsall’s most highly regarded villages and the idea struck me that Caldmore needed to be a village once again.”

Since then Mr Mahmood has been campaigning to get re-associate Caldmore with ‘village’ and his efforts have now paid off. The land registry office now officially recognises Caldmore Village.

“I am delighted that after all these years the hard work has finally paid off and the signs – Welcome to Caldmore Village – have gone up, ” he said.

“Caldmore Village is the cultural heart of Walsall. Putting the village back into Caldmore is only a part of the process but its goes a long way to giving residents and traders a sense of pride in their local area and a reason for visitors to come see us in the Village.”

Ward Councillor Mohammed Arif, said everyone can be justifiably proud of reinvigorating Caldmore.

“Thanks to sponsorship from whg, Caldmore Housing, Caldmore Traders, Tarmac for free installation and to Walsall Council we were able to source the 5 village signs that have gone around Caldmore.

“I urge all the residents now to use Caldmore Village on all correspondence and signage. I have requested the head and chair of Caldmore Community School to consider adding the village tn the name of the school too.

“This is a prime example of what can be achieved when key partners come together to support a vision which benefits the whole community.

“Restoring the Caldmore Village name is something everyone can take pride in, it gives the community, residents and traders a sense of identity and belonging.”

Margot Lambert, Director for Communities and Arts at Caldmore Housing Association, added: “It almost feels like the start of something new. It is wonderful gesture by Mr Mahmood to the people of Caldmore.”

Klair Jassal, Team Leader for the Central Walsall Area Estate Management Team at whg, shared these sentiments.

“In recent years Caldmore has undergone economic and commercial transformation. So bringing the village name back into the community heralds a new era for Caldmore, it is the start of something new and exciting.”

A little taste of this evening…

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What a great turn out for the Taste of Caldmore Dinner Dance at Five Rivers A La Carte in Walsall. A few pics of the evening, more to follow!

A huge thanks goes out to Mr Ali Mahmood, Executive Committe member and local trader, for organising this sell out event. Also big thanks to the live entertainment, local businesses, Five Rivers A La Carte for great venue & food, and of course our wonderful guests!

Night x

Caldmore Village Festival 2011 – TOMORROW!

It’s now upon us – months of planning, negotiating, fundraising, profile raising, developing, shaping, Monday night Samosa’s and pleanty of love for Caldmore – yes for the second year running it’s Caldmore Village Festival!

We hope to see you all over the next three days for what promises to be something rather special. If music, entertainment, creativity and curry is your bag then you are in for one hell of a weekend. Check out the 2011 programme…CLICK HERE FOR THE WEEKEND PROGRAMME

Over the last seven days things have started to heat up, kicking off with the Walsall Mela at Walsall Rugby Club last weekend…

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Hope you enjoyed the pics…we would like to thank our every faithful Walsall Flickr Group for coming along and capturing some quality moments too, the pics can be seen here…

Also this week has seen the judging for both the DesRes Best Frontages Competition and the Top of the Shops comp for the best business frontage, winners to be announced at the festval but for now we thought you might like to see a picture of one of the judges in action – Ali from Caldmore Traders Association   (

Top of the Shops

Shop or Business Frontage competition 2011

We want Caldmore to look its very best for this years Village Festival at the end of May.  So we’re running a competition for the best business or shop frontage in the area.  The winner will receive a plaque for display on their premises and be featured in local press.

You can nominate yours or a neighbouring shop for the Caldmore Top of the Shops competition.  The only criteria is that the shop or business must be in Caldmore.

 Fill in the form below and return it to us care of Caldmore Housing, 18 Caldmore Green by May 23rd

CLICK HERE for Top of the Shops entry form!