5 thoughts on “Partners and Supporters

  1. Mark,

    This is a great and excellant project to bring communities together, I support it as a local activist however I have moved out the area now but will take time out to support you in anyway possible! It is very much needed. . .

    Well done! Keep up the good work… May God bless you all . . .


  2. As a major Annual Community event designed to bring the community together, without raining on your paradem, I am really Surprised to see such a lack of Local Third sector / Voluntary Partners listed above especially those who work locally with ethnic minority groups. Why No Palfrey Community Association; No Sikh Gurdwara; No Local Mosques; No Hindu organisation; No Afro-Carribean Churches or organisations; Also why No Partnership with Local Schools? Are these key local organisations not involved after 5 years of development or just not credited above?


    • Hi John
      Thanks for your comment.
      We’ve tried to include as many people and organisations as possible – if you look at the programmes for Saturday and Monday you’ll see we’ve got contributions from Caldmore Primary School, Blue Coat Junior School and Palfrey Girls’ School (Saturday) and Aisha Mosque and Shakabala (Monday). There is also a Community Marquee open on all three days with different activities put on by a variety of other organisations including British Muslim Youth Group, Big Local, Friends of Palfrey Park and others.
      We have also had input and support from Ambur Radio, Walsall Sisters, Caldmore Accord, Walsall Council, W.H.G, Bath Street Church, Friends Of Palfrey Park and Palfrey & Caldmore Residents Group, Black Sisters, Palfrey Community Association, Afghan community & Welfare Association
      There was a call for participants earlier in the year and the content reflects those that came forward or who were put forward; the same will happen again next year so please point people in our direction
      There were other groups & organisations engaged but they could not take part due to their own circumstances.
      The fault is probably ours in not crediting everyone adequately.


  3. Great to see so many community partners. Would be good to see an updated Partnership graphic reflecting the full spirit of the event! Congratulations Hope it goes well despite the weather.


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