Line Up for the Bandstand Stage

20989287_1686319798047925_2155545273233900505_oWe are very proud to be able to announce the line up for the Bandstand  stage on Saturday 23rd of September.

We believe it represents the best of the Cultures of Walsall. There is something for every one, so whether you like Reggae, Irish Music or the sounds of Eastern Europe you will hear some of the best available locally. We also have some of the best in community music with community choirs, school groups and even a deaf signing choir.

Add to this the sizzling  sounds of Aziz and Dalbir presenting an amazing fusion of Rock and South Asian sounds and it all adds up to an afternoon of phenomenal music.

So get there early an enjoy the amazing range of sounds from Walsall and all over the world.

The Bandstand Stage line –up

12.00 The Flaky Tarts                                      Folk Duo

12.20 Signs for Worship British                      Sign Language choir

12.40 Nash Dom                                               Roma Music

13.00 Jaimal Mistry.                                          Indian Dance

13.25 Caldmore Primary School                     School Performance

13.45 Voices Entwined                                     Community Choir

1405 Good Traditions                                       Irish Songs

14.30 Justice Hotep                                          Hip Hop/ Rap/ Soul Fusion

15.00 Aziz Ibrahim and Dalbir Singh Rattan  Contemporary Asian / Rock Fusion

15.30 Mayoral Address Walsall Mayor

15.50 I -Way                                                       Reggae

16.20 Carnival Procession Arrives

16.30 Makanitza                                                 Eastern European/ Roma


In the Field

Good Traditions Acoustic


Various Community Dances


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