II Polish Picnic in Walsall



Come and join us at an event celebrating  Polish culture and heritage in Walsall.

The second Polish Picnic in Walsall will take place on Saturday 21st May in Caldmore Community Garden. It is organised by European Welfare Association – Polish School in Walsall, Caldmore Village Festival Group and whg.

There will be plenty of activities for families, games and competitions for children, exhibitions and music performances. DJ Marshal will play at 3pm, followed by a celebrated blues rock band Whisky as the highlight of the day.

Students of Polish School in Walsall will present their talents in Poland’s Got Talent competition and exhibit their works in Family Gallery of Art. Walsall Modern Ju-Jitsu Club will show martial arts techniques learnt by their adepts.

Caldmore Community Garden is a space for all communities of Walsall where they can grow their own fruit and veg, and take part in activities and events bringing together diverse cultures of Caldmore. The second Polish Picnic in Walsall aims to share Polish cultural traditions, delicious food and fantastic music with the wider community.

Come and celebrate with us one of the cultures that form the multicultural tapestry of Walsall.

The Picnic is held under the auspices of Polish Embassy in London and Federation of Poles in the United Kingdom. It is organised in partnership with Walsall Council, whg and Caldmore Village Festival Group, and sponsored by “Mazowsze” bakery and “Polskie Lany”.

Free entry!


13.00- 13.30 Official opening and welcome

13.30- 14.30 Poland’s Got Talent music competition

14.30 -14.45 Walsall Modern Ju-Jitsu Club – martial arts

14.45- 15.00 Cake eating competition

15.00- 15.45 DJ Marshal

15.45- 16.00 Poland’s Got Talent – results

16.00- 18.00 Live music – rock and blues band “Whisky”


Address: Caldmore Community Garden, Carless Street, WS1 3RH

More information: http://www.facebook.com/events/124147394656834/

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