It’s Carnival Time! Come and join Caldmore Carnival on June 13th

Carnival procession

It’s Carnival Time!

Caldmore’s annual carnival is set to take place on Saturday June 13th and promises to be a special colourful pageant, celebrating the multi-cultural heritage of Caldmore in music, costume and dance.

This year’s procession sets off from Caldmore Community Garden at 2pm (assemble from 1.30pm) on June 13th and will pass through a number of Caldmore streets before returning to Caldmore Community Garden at 3pm where there will be a spectacular performance from a range of special acts. Acts so far confirmed include musicians and dancers from Blue Coat School, a performance by Caldmore Community Garden’s very own writer in residence, David Calcutt with the garden’s writer’s group. There will be spectacular Asian dance from Jamal Mistry dancers as well as music from a range of special guests including Suki Sher Gill.

Participation in the Carnival is absolutely free and is welcome to all, whatever your age or background. As in previous years, in the build up to the Carnival there will be community workshops where you can work with artist Sam Hale to make your own costume and props to wear and carry for the carnival procession. There will be special open access workshop in the Caldmore Community Garden the week before the carnival itself on Saturday 6th of June 12.30pm- 4.00pm. Entrance is free. Just come along and join in.

This Year’s carnival has been funded by Near Neighbours and is supported by Caldmore Village Festival Group.

For more information contact Anna Rogozinska on 07871813252 or see Caldmore Village Festival’s Facebook Page.

Procession route 

Commences 2.00pm from Carless Street, Caldmore Community Garden and passes through St Michael’s Street, Buckle Close, Hope Street, Bath Road, Newhall Street, Sandwell Street, West Bromwich Road, Sandwell Street, Little London, Bath Road and finishing at Caldmore Community Garden at 3pm where the performances commence.


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