the crowd loved it…

Yes, it was a bit sparse at first, it rained a lot, stop going on about it.

When the weather cleared, people turned out in droves here are a few pictures…

crowd day 3

This was towards the end of Day 3 when we had some big stars out


crowd day 3

…although we’re not sure the little lad in the corner is impressed


crowd day 3

And in this pic, there seem to be a lot of people taking photos of our cameraman.

If you’re in the photo send us your pic and tell us why you wanted a picture of a cameraman taking a picture of you.

crowd day 3

These people, on the other hand, are taking a picture of something or somebody else.

Probably one of our stars.
Did we mention there were a few stars at the Festival?

Again, send us your pics, post them on our Facebook page 

crowd day 3

You can sense the excitement, can’t you? There will be videos on our YouYube Channel so you’ll be able to see (some of) what the fuss is about.


crowd day 3

Is this you with the blue nail varnish?
Who are you shouting at? What were you saying?
Let us know on our Facebook page


crowd day 3

Is that you holding up the sign? (right hand side, pink top)
What does your sign say? Who was on stage here?
Head over to FB and tell us


We’ll add more pictures and videos as we come across them.
If you’ve got some that you’re particularly proud of (and it looks like some of you were pretty busy with your cameras/phones) please share – please add to our Facebook page (and ‘like’ the page while you’re there, obvs)




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