Caldmore’s best shop front and gardens competition

The judges for Caldmore’s best shop front and gardens competition took to the streets on May 30th and were delighted to see that local traders and residents were increasing their efforts to show Caldmore at its best.

Chair of the Traders Association, Ali Mahmood commented on the impact which local shops were making “This is the 2nd year we’ve run the Top of the Shops competition and in the last 12 months new businesses have moved into the area and helped raised the standard.  I’m delighted that they have invested in premises which were previously an eyesore and which as a result of their efforts are now setting the benchmark for others to aim for”.

Not forgetting traders who have been in Caldmore for many years Ali added “Last year’s winner of Top of the Shops, Walsall DIY is looking even better than ever and a special mention must be made of butcher Andrew Morrison who celebrates 50 years of trading in Caldmore and never failing to keep a well presented frontage throughout that time”.

Joining Ali in the task of judging were Denise Perry, Area Manager for Walsall South, and Margot Lambert of Caldmoreaccord.  Denise was particularly struck by the impact which the winning Des Res front gardens in 2011 were having as there had clearly been work going on in neighbouring gardens.  She said “This is what we hoped for.  With more and more people over time taking an interest in how Caldmore looks and ‘doing their bit’ we will improve the image of Caldmore and show what great community spirit there is in the area”.

Margot added “It’s really exciting to see what is happening as a result of the festival and all the spin off ideas which it is generating.  Improving the way Caldmore looks is vital to the local economy and the sense of wellbeing for all who live and work here.”

Amongst those warranting special mention were the ‘guerrilla gardeners’ who have planted flowers in the grassed area at the top of Arundel Street, several gardens in Newhall Street and Albadars grocery.

Winners will be announced at the Village Festival on Monday 4th June.



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