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  1. Hi there couldn’t help but notice this post! Great ideas here ad obviously many you can insert into the sidebar with widgets so it all interlinks (Twitter, Faceboook, etc.) A fan page can work quite well on Facebook and you can get an RSS feed from the blog feeding into that, so fans can read updates that way. (

    Created in Birmingham have made their fan page at work particularly well.

    I’ve found Twitter worked well for me with @digbethisgood, it’s a good way to come across information and make last minute announcements (again, readers of just the blog an read Twitter updates in the sidebar).

    Foursquare – I’m unsure of how effective this is, although it can work quite well for venues looking to get more numbers. People who become Mayor (who have a great web presence) get a free coffee, that type of thing, which encourages visitors to ‘play’.

    Like the use of the Flickr group – perhaps you could arrange Flickr walks of the area with group members to make it a more social thing like ?

    Also think about creating a unique hashtag for your event (#caldmorefest ?) and encouraging people to post updates online – tag their tweets, Flickr photos, Audioboo’s, etc. and crowdsource peoples’ experiences of the festival.

    Hope this helps. Nicky


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