It’s Tomorrow!


It’s tomorrow!

The great multicultural spectacular that is “ The Cultures of Walsall” festival is set to kick off tomorrow at 12.00.  The weather is looking promising and all the preparations are in place.  No less than 11 of Walsall’s communities will be exhibiting what is special about their cultures, with food, art and textiles being at the heart of what they will all be exhibiting. Coupled with this the main stage on the bandstand boasts a range of acts which truly gives you a taste of Walsall’s diverse musical heritage.  There will be music from 11.45pm  with centre stage being taken by Aziz Ibrahim and Dalbir Singh Rattan at 3.00pm, the lilting summer Reggae sounds of I-Way from 3.40pm and the amazing Makanitza taking the stage to round off the festival at 4.30pm

Find out more about Aziz here

Find out more about Makanitza here

The carnival procession will set off from Palfrey Park at 3.15pm. Don’t worry if you haven’t got a costume.  Come and make one! In preparation we will be running carnival workshops from 12.00pm until in our carnival tent. The Carnival is open for anyone to join in though under 11s should come with an adult. Come colourfully dressed or if possible dressed in your national costume. The Carnival procession will be stopping off at Caldmore Green at about 3.35pm so come and join us there if you can’t come to the park.

Palfrey park will also be full of sporting activities for the active and the not so active of all ages. From sponge ball cricket to Tai Chi and Zumba. The will be something for everyone. We will also be hosting selected fairground rides from the Pat Collins Funfair ensuring that the sight will have the traditional festival feel.

So get there early and stay all day.  Bring a picnic or purchase food and snacks from selected caterers.

Its going to be a great day!

Come and join the Carnival!


There will be carnival workshops all day from 12.00 with local carnival supremos Bostin’ Arts running our carnival tent giving you a chance to make colourful costumes and wind socks for the procession.

The procession itself sets off at 3.15pm come in carnival costume, colourful clothes or national  dress. The procession will be led by the amazing  Makanitza, who bring a sensational mix of Roma music blended with Eastern European melodies and rhythms.

So come and join the Carnival procession or come out and watch  it will be an amazing spectacle.

3.15pm Carnival sets off from from Palfrey Park

3.25pm Bescot Street /Victor Street

3.35pm -3.45pm Caldmore Green Rutter Street .

4.15pm Palfrey Park

4.30 -5.15 pm Makanitza live on stage

Check out Makanitza on their web site and get a preview of some of their amazing music


Cultures of Walsall- the countdown begins!

We have some amazing music lined up for this year’s cultures of Walsall. From the Lilting Reggae of I-Way, to the up- beat Irish tunes of Good Traditions: through the best in community music right up to the hard hitting Hip-Hop  of  local Rapper Justice Hotep. This year’s line up ensures there is something for everyone.

Leading the Carnival will be the amazing Makanitza with their  blend of Eastern European styles and melodies before they take the stage at the end of the afternoon. And of course we mustn’t forget to applaud the return of the mighty Aziz Ibrahim the former Guitarist with the Stone Roses who will be taking the stage with his long term collaborator and local lad Dalbir Singh Rattan.

So get there early and come and stay the day, it’s sure to be one you won’t forget for a long time.

The Bandstand Stage line –up

12.00 The Flaky Tarts                                      Folk Duo

12.20 Signs for Worship British                      Sign Language choir

12.40 Nash Dom                                               Roma Music

13.00 Jaimal Mistry.                                          Indian Dance

13.25 Caldmore Primary School                     School Performance

13.45 Voices Entwined                                     Community Choir

1405 Good Traditions                                       Irish Songs

14.30 Justice Hotep                                          Hip Hop/ Rap/ Soul Fusion

15.00 Aziz Ibrahim and Dalbir Singh Rattan  Contemporary Asian / Rock Fusion

15.30 Mayoral Address Walsall Mayor

15.50 I -Way                                                       Reggae

16.20 Carnival Procession Arrives

16.30 Makanitza                                                 Eastern European/ Roma

In the Field

Good Traditions Acoustic


Various Community Dance