Some more of something you may have missed….

Does that headline make sense?

We’re bringing you snippets of things you may have missed and things we particularly liked (in no special order – no favourites here)

Anyway, we were very lucky to have an up-and-coming band, the Night VI, appear on Saturday evening.

They’re kicking up a bit of a storm in that London and, by the time this appears, they’ll be living it up in Switzerland, or packing their bags, coiling their guitar leads and checking they’ve got enough plectrums, spare strings for the harp and all the things touring bands have to do.

lead singer of the Night six

They were pretty impressive, we think you’ll agree; if you didn’t see them we’ve got a video of one of their songs here…

Those that know about such things tell us that these lovely people are going to be big stars so it was a rare privilege to see them at our Festival.





Some things you may have missed…

There was a brilliant cross-section of music and dance at this year’s Festival (there’s ALWAYS a brilliant cross-section…).

Here are a couple of acts

New Wave

Jaimal Mystry Dancers


There are more videos on our YouTube Channel, by the way.

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